[UX Insight] Good looking typeface and height of x

May 22, 2024
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[UX Insight] Good looking typeface and height of x

What are some of the features of a highly readable font on the web? There are many variables that make up readability, but today we're going to talk about the x-height.

The size of the font is expressed in the form above. The difference in x height, which makes it easy or difficult for a person to read. Among them, x height is the criterion for the smallest height in the English alphabet. As a result, relatively small x height causes a problem of being unable to see text on the web.

Then let's look at the font used on the web to see if the above is true.

In the case of Roboto and Noto Sans, the x-height is the most commonly used typeface worldwide. Although it's not exactly the opposite (with the difference between serif and san serif), the Apple Chamber has a relatively low x-height, and the ascent and decender are long, causing your eyes to spread up and down.

For services that require readability, providing a user-friendly UI with San Serif can create a better UX.