<Grr Stock Game> Production Review

May 22, 2024
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<Grr Stock Game> Production Review

Recently, there has been a frenzy of stock markets around people in their 20s and 30s. Countless individual investors came in after COVID-19 who even took credit loans and brought capital. Their aggressive buying even led to the creation of a new term called the "Donghak Ant Movement." However, there are not many moments when Korea's investment market has been favorable to ants. Some say that they cannot even win a Warren Buffet, and many individual investors have suffered damage due to corporate problems, embezzlement, and collusion between politics and business. The "R.R. stock game" was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of SBS's founding, so let's deliver the same message in a fresh way. The writer contacted me and I wanted to know about it, so I developed it. The style of the game I first prepared was a form in which many users could interact in real-time, just like my past game, "Wall Street: Block Deal." However, since storytelling and messages are important in broadcasting, they chose from a given choice and had different endings, like the "Miyeon-Si (Beauty Entertainment Simulation)."

Right after the broadcast, there were about 950 real-time users. More people than I thought came in remembering the link that was exposed for a short time.

Nearly 15,000 users visited on November 1st, and you can see a lot of decline thereafter.

As of November 11, a total of 24,000 users were connected from various countries. <Grr Stock Game> wanted to show the superiority of information, capital, and options that each character can have rather than the game for the message and storytelling they wanted to convey on the broadcast.

The characters are largely composed of Kim Ant (individual investor), Park Kwon-wi (high-ranking public official), Lee Dae-bak (manager), and New Investment (representative of investment institutions).

After selecting a character, a simple bong chart appears for the company, but in fact, only meaningful numbers are rough in the bong chart. As mentioned earlier, for the storytelling of the game, it was designed to indicate the current status of the company rather than specific numbers. After that, economic news, financial statements, and how to obtain information for each character will differ. In the case of Kim Ant, there is policy information for Park Kwon-wi, corporate internal information for Lee Dae-bak, and finally, Shin Investment, the CEO of an investment institution, has personal contact with reporter Kim.

In addition, the game tried to make the difference in information, funding, and options between each character similar to the real thing. Kim Ant has only limited options, such as taking out a high-interest loan or running an investment to get additional funds. On the other hand, other characters with authority in the economic and social fields attract other people's money without interest, or spray false information to get out of it at their own benefit.

Other than that, there is fake news in the game that bothers ants like it's on the air.

If you look closely, it says that economic news is real news. But what about fake news spread by Shin Investment through reporter Kim?

This time, it's another news called GR News! Kim was instructed by Shin Investment and spread fake news to promote good news in the market.

Unfortunately for ants, there was no way to tell if they sprayed fake news...

As a result, new investments get pretty good money, and ant investors end up losing a lot of money.